Building Codes and Standards

The City of Laurel adopted the following codes and standards by reference with amendments:

2014 NFPA 70  National Electrical Code

2015 NFPA 70 E  Electrical Safety in the Workplace

2015 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code


2015 International Residential Code  IRC

2015 International Building Code  IBC

2015 International Energy Conservation Code  IECC

2015 International Mechanical Code  IMC

2015 PROPERTY Maintenance Code  IPC

2010 American Disabilities Act  ADA

City of Laurel Amendments

Design Criteria for Plans:

Ground Snow Load:    30psf

Wind Speed:    115 V(ult)

Seismic:    Category A

Frost Line:    30 inches

Note: All new residential and commercial buildings constructed within the City of Laurel are required to be fully sprinklered.

Permit Category

Building and Development

Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services is charged with enforcing City Codes and Ordinances relating to building and property standards.