This award recognizes a student, scout or member of another youth organization who demonstrate environmental leadership and stewardship in a positive manner. This award may have up to three (3) award recipients each year.


Youth Environmental Leadership Award – Recognizes children aged 6 to 13 years who demonstrate environmental leadership and stewardship. 
Some examples of projects eligible for this award are listed below:

  • Improve school grounds or other public spaces by restoring or enhancing the outdoor environment via conservation landscaping.
  • Improving buildings by natural means, using eco-friendly and natural materials or elements.
  • Projects that reduce waste, promote, or encourage recycling, conserve energy, protect wildlife, and provide environmental education to others. 
  • Fundraising for conservation or sustainability initiatives, elements, or practices.


Students are typically nominated by a parent, peer, or educator.

  • Youth initiative: What leadership was demonstrated by the youth? 
  • Environmental Impact: How did this project positively impact the environment?  

Nominations can be submitted in the following manner:

  • Completing the fillable form and submitting it via the form at the bottom of this page
  • Printing and mailing the completed nomination form to:
    City of Laurel
    Youth Environmental Leadership Awards Program 
    C/o Office of the Mayor
    8103 Sandy Spring Road
    Laurel, Maryland 20707
  • Nomination forms can also be dropped off in the drop box at the Laurel Municipal Center


Mayor’s Chief of Staff or designee


Environmental Program Manager, Two Members of the City’s Environmental Affairs Committee, One members of Laurel 4 Patuxent organization, 

Selection Dates

Month of November 




A plaque, certificate, and a gift card will be presented to the award recipient(s).


The presentation of the award will be at a Mayor and City Council meeting or at the award recipient(s) school.

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