Join the No Mow April Campaign to Enhance Your Environment this Spring!


No Mow April Participant Guide can be found at the link below:


What is No Mow April?

No Mow April is a campaign to encourage people not to mow their lawns in the month of April. The idea behind this campaign is to allow lawn flowers to bloom and feed hungry native bees emerging from hibernation when other flowers are scarce. 

What does it require?

It’s simple, just leave your lawn alone for the month of April!

What are the benefits?

By simply NOT mowing your lawn in April, you can help your environment in several ways:

  • Help bees and other pollinators get their food.
  • Reducing mowing frequency will save water.
  • Help your lawn become more resilient to drought.
  • Cut down on pollution by reducing emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment.
    • As long as your grass is growing, your number of flowers will too!

Are there any local laws backing this campaign?

Yes, Resolution No. 2-2023, which passed on February 27, 2023. During the month of April, the City of Laurel will relax the enforcement of long-grass rules, allowing Laurel residents to delay or reduce lawn cutting as a way to promote pollinator-friendly habitat early in the growing season.

How do I register?

Residents wishing to participate must register no later than March 30, 2023. Registration is available online or in-person at the No Mow April Kick-off Meeting which will take place at the City’s Laurel Municipal Building, 8103 Sandy Spring Road, on March 20th at 6.30pm. The forms and signs will also be available at the Laurel Municipal Center until March 30th

Registration hours and sign pickup hours are: 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Residents needing to pick up their signs at one of our community centers may do so by appointment.  

Registration is FREE and voluntary. If you like, you can go to our webform located at and register today.

What should I do after registering?

Display your City-issued "No Mow April" yard sign in your front yard for the duration of the program. Signs must be visible from the street. Then relax and watch your plants grow!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Residents living in a HOA community need to read their HOA by-laws for regulations governing grass height.  Any violation of the HOA’s by-laws that result in a fine are the responsibility of the resident.***

For more information about Laurel’s No Mow April campaign, contact Michele Blair, Environmental Programs Manager, at [email protected] or [email protected].