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2021-10-15 - Press Release - City of Laurel Receives Sustainable Maryland Certified Award in 2021: Press Release and Certification Report

2021-08-16 - Press Release - Results of the City of Laurel Sustainability Report are in

2021-08-13 - Press Release - City of Laurel’s Sustainability Planning Study Results To Be Presented August 16th at 2pm

2021-04-21 - Press Release - City of Laurel Joins the Maryland Green Registry

Highlights of Laurel’s environmental achievements include:

  • Recycling containers in city parks
  • Adopting a Green Construction Code for all new homes and apartments
  • Issuing 361 residential solar permits and 4 commercial solar permits
  • Requiring new apartment complexes to have bioretention ponds
  • HVAC modifications on City buildings
  • Coordinating with the State and County to install storm water retention ponds
  • Installing LED- equipped traffic signals and solar powered pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Upgrading streetlights to use LED technology or solar power
  • Using segways and bicycles for Police patrols
  • Developed a Bicycle Master Plan
  • Formed a Laurel Community Garden
  • Giving away hundreds of trees to property owners


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Recycle Right - Recycle Coach

The City of Laurel Department of Public Works has an app & website plug-in that contains all of the information people need to know, tailored specifically to their neighborhoods, about our residential garbage and recycling services.




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Climate Mayors is a bipartisan network of more than 470 U.S. mayors demonstrating climate leadership through meaningful actions in their communities. Representing 48 states and 74 million Americans, the Climate Mayors coalition reflects U.S. cities’ commitment to climate progress. The Tree City USA program is an initiative by the Arbor Day Foundation. Laurel shares this designation with more than 3,600 cities.   Tree City USA provides communities with a four-step framework to maintain and grow their tree cover. It also gives them an avenue to celebrate their work, showing residents, visitors, and the entire country that they’re committed to the mission of environmental change. Sustainable Maryland is a certification program for municipalities in Maryland that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Sustainable Maryland is a collaborative effort between the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of Maryland and the Maryland Municipal League to replicate the success of the Sustainable Jersey initiative throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, beginning in Maryland.

Since 2021

The City of Laurel is proud to be Maryland Green Registry member. This voluntary program demonstrates our commitment to a strong, proactive approach to environmental management.    


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