The City of Laurel is now offering many services remotely.

Anyone wishing to apply for a zoning verification request with the City of Laurel should create an online account. Please visit our ePermits page for more information and to access the RAP permits Eportal to create your account.

All fees are due at the time of submission.  Fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of a case.  Every application must be accompanied by the appropriate plans, rendering, statements and other documents. 

A zoning verification letter is an official record from the City that provides a comprehensive overview of a property’s zoning history. Upon request, the Department will compile a list of records and data pertaining to the specified property and verify it as accurate and complete to the best of its ability. Below is a list of items typically delivered in a zoning verification letter from the City:

  • Property zoning data (applicable uses in the zone will be provided)
  • Past or present building/fire code violations
  • Past or present zoning code violations
  • Record of past approved site plans, variances, conditional use permits and resolutions (availability of hard copies may vary)
  • Record of certificates of occupancy (availability of hard copies may vary)
  • Abutting property zoning

In order to request a zoning verification letter for a specific property located within the City, a written request and the required fee must be submitted to the Department.

Zoning verification letters are typically processed and complete within ten (10) business days. If you mail in a check for payment, expect a delay in your submittal for processing. Online payment is preferred.


Fee: $300


To request a hard copy letter:

City of Laurel


Department of Economic and Community Development

8103 Sandy Spring Road

Laurel, MD 20707

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Economic & Community Development

    The Department of Economic and Community Development maintains and oversees the built environment within the City of Laurel. The department is responsible for zoning compliance, subdivision and development review, historic preservation review, economic development, affordable housing, and implementation of the City’s Master Plan. These activities are intended to improve the life quality in the City. Department staff strive to provide these services in a timely and efficient manner while promoting high-quality development which is compliant with State of Maryland regulations and statutes.