The Department of Economic and Community Development has jurisdiction (including zoning authority) over approximately 4.3 square miles along the Patuxent River located in northern Prince George’s County, abutting Howard and Anne Arundel Counties.  The extent of the City of Laurel is described and delineated in the Article 200 of the City Charter.  See below to determine if a property is located with the City’s Municipal Boundary.



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Economic & Community Development

    The Department of Economic and Community Development maintains and oversees the built environment within the City of Laurel. The department is responsible for zoning compliance, subdivision and development review, historic preservation review, economic development, affordable housing, and implementation of the City’s Master Plan. These activities are intended to improve the life quality in the City. Department staff strive to provide these services in a timely and efficient manner while promoting high-quality development which is compliant with State of Maryland regulations and statutes.